Adsense Manual Verification – Verify Google AdSense Account without Pin Henceforth!

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verify adsense account
verify adsense account

Apparently, Google has stopped sending physical PIN to it publishers to verify their respective accounts before getting paid.

They’ve started a new verification method which was then an alternative method, that’s the manual verification method.

This method requires now PIN to verify your AdSense account, rather an upload of any Government issued ID Card.

In my opinion, this process is the best, quite snappy and instant. Now more waiting time to verify ones account.

Once your reaches the $10 threshold, you are asked by Google to verify your identity with any government-issued ID Card.

google adsense account manual verification 446x1024 1
google adsense account manual verification 446×1024 1

In this article, I’d show you how I got mine verify instantly with my ID Card. Read on to find out.

How To Verify Google AdSense Account with ID Card?

adsense manual verification verify google adsens 1024x683 1
adsense manual verification verify google adsens 1024×683 1

Once you’ve reached the $10 AdSense Verification Threshold, you should see a notification in your AdSense Dashboard indicating payment on hold, Kindly click on ACTION.

You’d be taking to a page similar to the one below, please click on the red button (Provide Some info about yourself to continue)

verify adsense without pin
verify adsense without pin

Verify Your identity

Under this person identity, you must type in your full legal name, and capture and upload any government issued ID card:

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Residence Permit
  • Driving License

Once you’ve upload any of these documents, click on NEXT to proceed.

how to verify adsense account with id card
how to verify adsense account with id card

Enter Your Address

adsense account id verification
adsense account id verification

Now ,you should enter your address. To be on a safer side, please make sure is exact same thing as it is in the AdSense account. When done, click on Submit.

Once Submitted, your AdSense account will be verified instantly!

verify adsense account 1 1
verify adsense account 1 1


Gone were the days when you have to wait several weeks and months to get an AdSense account verified….Now once threshold is reached, you are good to go.

Thats how simple it has become to verify Google AdSense Account, I really hope this article was helpful. Consider sharing to support us. Thanks for reading.

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