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If you work for a company with a cash flow, you likely have to wait for a few days before you are paid.

Most employees also need to wait for a period of time before they are able to use their hard-earned wages. This means some employees will be paid a lot more than others and the delayed payment will mean some people are waiting longer than others.

A company that has a cash flow is set up so that people who work for the company will have all their money available at the time they are earned.

There are many reasons why this cash flow is created, but one of the main reasons is to ensure people will not have to wait to access their wages.

However, in case you need some cash for an unplanned expenses and your next paycheck isn’t due yet, that is where Dailypay On-Demand Pay can be of help.


Whay Is Dailypay?

The Dailypay app gives employees early access o their already earned wages prior to their next paycheck.

Literally, you wouldn’t have to wait for your next paycheck before you can get cash to settle early bills and unplanned expenses.

That is the power of Dailypay On-demand Pay!

Dailypay Features and Benefits

  • Get access to your money where you want it – transfer your Pay Balance to a bank account, debit card, prepaid card or pay card
  • Timely insight into your daily Pay Balance as you work
  • Opt in to instant notifications of changes to your Pay Balance

Dailypay Safe & Secure

  • DailyPay uses 256-bit level encryption
  • Their payment network and customer support channels are PCI-compliant and SOC II audited

What Makes Dailypay the Right Choice?

You might be wondering why you should choose Dailypay On-demand Pay as your Employee Benefit over the lots, Well, I’ve outlined three reasons why Dailypay is the best.

  • Money in the right place, at the right time > With Dailypay, employee access to up to 100% of their already earned pay, to any account, at any time.
  • Dailypay offers flexible pay. Your way. > You can request transfers of your already earned pay — instantly or next day.
  • No hidden fees – ITS TOTALLY FREE > Dailypay’s fees are simple and transparent. No hidden fees. No fine print or whatsoever.

How does Dailypay Works?

  • As you work throughout the week, you build up a Pay Balance.
  • Dailypay gives you the chance to withdraw money from your Pay Balance at any time, with the press of a button
  • You will receive your funds instantly ( this includes weekends and holidays, 24/7/365) or on the next business day, depending on the choice you make.
  • Receive your remaining pay on payday, as usual!

Download Dailypay App

Download Dailypay App for Android (HERE)

Downloan Dailypay App for IOS (HERE)

DailyPay Contacts

Contact the Dailypay Team HERE


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to make your hard earned wages easily accessible with DailyPay.

DailyPay is a great way for anyone to access their hard earned wages, regardless of where they live.

Please keep in mind that the information provided in this blog post are solely for educational purposes.


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