Must Read: Best way to avoid paying E-Levy

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best way to avoid paying e levy
best way to avoid paying e levy


On 17 November 2021, Ken Ofori-Atta said the Government of Ghana decided to tax all electronic transactions in the informal sector to cover the tax net.

He made this known in the 2022 budget statement and economic policy that was read in the parliament of Ghana.

1.75% is the rate of the E-levy which the Government decided to apply on all transactions.

Almost every Ghanaian is against this E-Levy of which I am not exempted.

I am against this E-Levy not because I am against the paying of Tax, I know the essence of paying tax and how tax paying is paramount to the development of every nation.

Unfortunately for a country like Ghana, there have been many occasions and instances where these money accrued from the ordinary citizens are being used unintelligently.

Perhaps, this could be the reason majority of the country’s population is against it. Yet, the Government has passed it.

The passing of the E-levy has sparked many queries online.

Queries such as how to deactivate my mobile money account, how to avoid paying E-Levy, how to leave the country and lots more.

However, this article opt to tackle this particular query “How to avoid paying E-Levy”.

E-Levy Charges

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E-Levy Charges

Is it even possible to avoid paying E-Levy whiles you are still using mobile money? Intelligently, I will say YES! Is it possible.

Per the information available to us, you are only charged when you send an amount of 100Cedis and above but you aren’t charged when you withdraw 100cedis and above.

So what if you stop sending those money and withdraw money instead?

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E-Levy mobile money

What is E-Levy

E-Levy is Electronic Transaction Levy (commonly known as Electronic Levy) is a tax applied on transactions made on electronic or digital platforms.

How to avoid paying E-Levy?

In order to stop paying for the E-levy, anytime you wish send money to your love one, just have them to the Mobile money Vendor, allow your cash out.

Let the person you are supposed to send money give your number to the vendor to make a withdrawal, when the payment Pop-up window opens, you type in your mobile money pin to authorize the withdrawal.

The person gets his/her money, you are only charged the withdrawal fee and no sending fee or E-Levy will be paid. In this case, you’ve successfully avoid paying the E-levy.

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