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Stilt Loan: Get an instant loan from $1000 to $40,000 with Stilt


If you have bad credit then you know that it can be a difficult process.

If you have a lot of debt then it can be even harder. But there is a way out of your bad credit, your debt and your financial troubles.

You just need the right toolkit and a little bit of the right knowledge.

A stilt loan can be the answer to your bad credit. This blog will look at the benefits of a stilt loan and show you how you can get the money you need through Stilt Loan!

stilt loan application and requirements
stilt loan application and requirements

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What is Stilt?

Stilt is a mission-driven fintech company focused on providing credit to immigrants and the underserved in the USA.

Stilt provide loans for immigrants and the underserved.

Stilt Interest Rate

Stilt Annual Interest Rate ranges from 5.99% – 35.99%.

Representative example of the total cost of the loan:

For example, a loan of $35,000 with an interest rate of 7.99% & annual percent rate (APR) of 8.99% and a repayment tenure of 12 months has a processing fee of $185.10 & a monthly EMI of $3,044.43.

The disbursed amount is $34,814.90 & the total interest is $1,533.20. The total loan repayment amount apart from processing fee is $36,533.20.

Stilt Processing Fee

Stilt Processing Fees Ranges From 0% – 10% depending upon state’s usury limits.

How much loan does Stilt gives?

Stilt Loan Amount ranges from $1,000 to $40,000.

Stilt Term Tenor?

Stilt Repayment Duration Ranges From 6 months to 3 years.

Why should you choose Stilt?

Stilt is becoming the choice of the people since it inception due to the following reasons:-

  • Download the App and apply for a loan right away – Is simple as that!
  • No SSN or credit history required
  • No cosigner required
  • No prepayment fees
  • Checking for a rate won’t impact your credit score
  • Get an update on your application in 24 hours

Stilt Loan Eligibility

Stilt requires it applicants to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant must have Physical Presence in the U.S.
  • The applicant must have U.S. Bank Account
  • The Applicant must have a U.S. Phone Number
  • The applicant must have a U.S. Address
  • The applicant must have a Legal/Valid Visa
  • You can check your Rate HERE

Stilt Loan Criteria

The criteria for a Stilt Loan are as follows:


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How does Stilt Loan Works?

Stilt works on three simple steps;

  • Submit Your Application > After you have submitted a complete loan application with Stilt, They will send you an update within 24 hours. If they require more information they will definitely reach out and schedule a quick verification call with you.
  • Receive a Loan Offer > After Stilt have received and verified your documents, they will send you a promissory note to sign. After signing Stilt will initiate the transfer – this usually takes 2-3 business days for it to reflect in your account.
  • Start Paying Back your Loan > After the loan has been disbursed, you can schedule payments through your account. Setting up autopay is easy and only takes a minute. You can also pay off the loan at any time without a prepayment penalty.

How to apply for Stilt Loan?

Applying for Stilt loan is very simple and straightforwarded, Head over to Google Play Store (CLICK HERE) and download the Stilt App or Visit HERE to apply on their website.

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it , Create an account with Stilt and submit your application.

Wait for Stilt’s loan offer and the promissory note to sign then wait for your loan to be disbursed into your account in 2-3 working or business days!

Stilt Contacts

Need help? And wants to contact the Stilt team? You can reach out to Stilt via any of the mediums Below;

Call: +1-415-630-2323


Stilt Working Hours

Stilt works between the hours of8am – 6pm PT Mon–Fri.


We hope you enjoyed our blog post on Stilt loan. In this article, we explained how a Stilt loan works and we also outlined very important information about the loan agreement.

This article is a great place to start for anyone who is interested in a Stilt loan.

We hope you will reach out to us anytime for any questions or concerns. You can share your thoughts with us via the comments section below.

Thank you for reading, we hope our article was helpful!


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